About Open Doors Capital

We believe that your investments should be controlled by you, not Wall St.

Why invest?

Commercial real estate has historically been one of the best long-term investment options.

But most people do not want to manage tenants, collect rent or deal with property maintenance.

We take care of all those issues, while at the same time providing our investors with predictable cash flow and equity growth.

We deal with all the complicated issues of real estate investing, so partners like you can enjoy passive income for years to come.

Units Acquired
Properties Purchased
Capital Invested
$ 1 M
Expected Returns
0 % IRR


We pay our investors a monthly or quarterly return on their investment. This is great if you are retired and want regular income to complement your other retirement income.



To safeguard our investment and to ensure that we maximize the performance of our properties we always partner with professional management companies. 



Investing in commercial real estate is a proven way to increase networth and is used by people around the world to preserve and grow their wealth.

Why Invest With Us ?

We know the business

Jens Nielsen and his partners have been investing in commercial real estate for over 20 years. We started with small properties, risking our own capital to learn the business from the ground up. 
Once we understood what it took to be successful real estate investors, we started partnering with passive investors and buying larger properties. 

Our long experience in the business allows us to clearly understand the risks involved when we buy a property. Our goal is always to conservatively evaluate available properties and only invest where we can produce great returns to our investors. 

How Does it Work ?

True passive real estate investing

The investment is structured as a Syndication, which is the pooling of investor money where the investor is typically a limited partner and the general partner, or active partner, puts the deal together and manages the business plan to provide a return for the benefit of all investors.

As a limited partner, there is no regular involvement in the investment decisions. Just sit back and enjoy regular distributions of your investment returns.

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